7 Top Tech Companies

The Bay Area has always been and continues to be a business mecca. With so many thriving companies situated in the towns surrounding the bay, it is no wonder the area has become a center for thriving culture and business minded creativity.

Little ways away from the island of San Francisco, thrives the technological heartland of Emeryville. Unbeknownst to many, this city is home to hundreds of thriving tech companies, including some of the biggest names in media.

You may not have even thought that such influential companies operate out of this city since it’s not particularly recognizable like Los Angeles or San Diego. While Emeryville lacks a Hollywood sign of its own, there is plenty of success – even films – coming out of this city.

1. LeapFrog

This company is responsible for many of our – somewhat educational – childhood memories. This company which caters to early learning is based out of Emeryville. LeapFrog continues to make children both happy and smart with their adorable and functional products.

You’re lying if you weren’t obsessed with your LeapFrog LeapPad as a kid or weren’t amazed by it as an adult.

2. Tanium

If you’re worried about the security of your business and intellectual property – as most of us should be in this digital age – then look to Tanium for the gold (or rather Titanium) in cyber security. If you’re looking for a stellar company with integrity to protect your business, or if you’re looking for a position with a stellar technology company, Tanium is certainly up there with the best.

Because if USBank and Metlife trust Tanium, you should too.

3. TechValidate

Content is king. When it comes to marketing strategies, you need content. TechValidate’s software both creates content and instantly publishes that content to help boost your company. By using input from your customers, this company creates honest and accurate marketing content to help promote your business.

This product, utilized by giants like IBM and Hitachi, is both highly successful and based in – you guessed it – Emeryville.

4. Pixar

You would never have thought that a movie giant like Pixar would be based out of anywhere but Hollywood. But Pixar’s home base is situated in the bay area.
Responsible for beloved movies such as the Toy Story and Car Franchise, this animation giant is worth billions of dollars.

This company is easily one of the largest and most successful based out of Emeryville.

5. Pandora

Before there was Spotify, there was Pandora. This music streaming service allowed for users to not only listen to their favorite artists as well as discover new music through their artist stations.

6. Sendmail

Without this email management system, large businesses would be rendered unable to communicate effectively. This company, which uses both open and closed source software, is responsible for efficient and quick communication across hundreds of big businesses.

7. Mobi TV

If you have ever turned on television, sent a text, or tuned into the Olympics, you have Mobi TV to thank. They provide media solutions to media giants such as Sprint and AT&T and even NFL.

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