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7 Established and Up-and-coming Hotspots

Emeryville isn’t just a center for technology but is a prime sport for letting loose. Conveniently located near both San Francisco and Berkeley, you don’t need to go far to find things to do for fun – especially in the evening. There are plenty of established and up and coming hot spots in this area. Whether you’re looking to grab some coffee, get a beer after work, or lose yourself in a musical performance in any of the nearby concert venues, Emeryville is a perfect jumping off point.

If you’re ever bored while in or around the Emeryville area, then take a peek at this list of both established and more up and coming spots. You’re bound to find something fun to do at any of these places at any given time on any given day.

Get Lost in the Music:

With Emeryville being surrounded on all sides by cultural centers Berkley, San Francisco, and Oakland, there is no shortage of live music. The biggest names in music regularly make their way through these four cities. These are the venues these big names routinely play.

The Fox Theater (Oakland)
This theater is one of the most beautiful places in the Bay area. With gorgeous decor characteristic of gorgeous play houses and immaculate sculptures (with glowing eyes) on either side of the stage, this is definitely the place to see a band play.
The sound is nothing like you’ve ever heard. Since the theater was designed with plays in mind, the acoustics in the building further amplify the concert-going experience.
Depending on how rowdy you want to get you can choose to rock out in the pit, socialize by the bar behind the crowd, or go up to the second floor for a lofty view of the action.

The Fillmore (San Francisco)
This venue is legendary. So many iconic people have played at The Fillmore, you can feel the music history when you walk in the room. Be sure to get there early to enjoy your Fillmore apple, which the hand you upon entry, and journey up to the restaurant and bar on the second floor. The walls are lined with posters from previous shows – as every show is advertized with a one of a kind poster with art created especially for that event.
Seeing a show at The Fillmore is an experience everyone should have. There is something special about the venue that is almost indescribable.
And you’ll be getting a copy of those infamous posters on your way out!

The Greek (Berkeley)
This amphitheater is one of the most recognizable. With it’s epic architecture and equally as impressive history of performances, The Greek is a favorite of the big names in music and the rising stars of the indie scene.
Be sure to watch out for which bands are coming through and get in on the action.
For Your Caffeine Fix:

Scarlet City Coffee Roasting
What is better than a cup of coffee straight from the source?
At Scarlet City you have the opportunity to experience the freshest brew, you’ve probably ever tasted. This coffee shop isn’t just sleek and trendy, but they make some quality coffee and tea.
With all their coffee roasted in-house, you’ll be sure to get a perfect cup everytime.

Black Diamond Cafe
You don’t need to leave Emeryville to sink into a chair with everyone’s favorite combo: hot coffee and fresh pastries.
This cafe not only makes killer coffee, but all their baked goods are certainly to die for. And there is nothing like breaking (fresh) bread in a cozy cafe surrounded by fellow coffee enthusiasts.
Grab a Beer:

If you’re looking for a gourmet drinking experience, head over to Prizefighter. The cocktails the mixologists prepare at this critically acclaimed spot will not only get you buzzed but will send your taste buds on a journey.
If you’re tired of knocking back cheap beer in your basement and are looking for an impressive alcoholic experience, Prizefighter certainly lives up to its name.

Townhouse Bar & Grill
If you’re looking for a bar with atmosphere, look no further. Townhouse taps into America’s drinking history by being located inside an old speakeasy.
There is nothing cooler than sitting at a bar where people sat almost a hundred years ago when alcohol was outlawed.

Check out the video below to learn more about Emeryville!